MoKaN Gun Trusts



Why a MoKaN Gun Trust?

Legally owning, operating, and possessing a firearm is
strictly regulated by state and federal
governments. A Gun Trust is a trust entity established
for the purpose of ensuring your firearms are
privately owned, managed, and protected–both
during your life and after you die.

Benefits for ALL Gun Owners:

  • Ownership is Private–both during life and after death (avoids Probate);
  • Allows you to distribute your firearms to those you want after you die;
  • Protects everyone who may come into contact with your firearms so that they avoid commiting a crime;
  • Provides guidance to your loved ones that isn’t provided in a traditional trust

Additional Benefits for NFA Gun Owners:

NFA Firearms (also referred as Title II firearms and sometimes mistakenly called Class Three Firearms), are firearms
regulated by the National Firearms Act (NFA). They include supressors, machine guns/automatic weapons, short-
barreled rifles, short-barreled shotguns, as well as other destructive devices.

A Gun Trust allows firearm owners to privately and legally own NFA firearms without supplying:

  • CLEO (Chief Law Enforcement Officer) Signature
  • Fingerprints
  • Photographs
  • Also greatly reduces associated fees and taxes.

Allows you to designate, in the trust, other individuals who can lawfully possess the firearms without them registering
with the ATF.

A properly drafted Gun Trust also protects the firearm owner and his or her family and friends from unknowingly
commiting a crime. This can occur when an unauthorized person comes into contact with the NFA firearm–by sharing
guns at the shooting range or even being in the same room as the firearm. This could also happen if your family is
trying to assist with your firearms after you become incapacitated or die.